How do I check my email through an email program like Outlook or Eudora?

POP Mailboxes

By default, all the email addressed to your domain is forwarded to the default mail forwarding address listed within your Email Settings under your Control Panel. As such, email addressed to anyone@yourdomain.com will be forwarded to the email address you provide during the sign up process.

An alternative to having mail forwarded is to retrieve mail directly from POP mailboxes. This means you can check your email directly from our server, using an email program such as Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, or Entourage.

You can setup several POP3 e-mail accounts (the entry-level Startup Plan includes 20 POP emails) for individual mailboxes within “Email Settings” under your Control Panel. For example, email addressed to sales@yourdomain.com could be held in a private POP mailbox and be accessed with a unique id and password.

Keep in mind that an email address that is specified as a POP email account, canNOT also be an email forwarder or an autoresponder. Each email address can only be one of these three types of settings.

Configuring the POP Accounts within the Control Panel

Login to your Control Panel. Locate the “POP Accounts” section in Email Settings. To create a new POP account click the “Add” link. On the next screen, enter the username of the new POP account. For example, if you want email addressed to johnsmith@yourdomain.com to be held in a POP account, enter the username “johnsmith”. Be sure to enter a unique password for each new POP account as illustrated below. (We recommend alphanumeric passwords.)

User ID:

Next, you will need to add the settings for this new email account into your email program, similar to the settings below in this example:

Account Name: John’s Email (or whatever you prefer)
Email Address: johnsmith@yourdomain.com
POP Server: mail.yourdomain.com
User ID: johnsmith
SMTP Server: [use the SMTP server provided by your ISP]


  *** Important Notes***
The User ID for the POP accounts is NOT necessarily the same as your web hosting account userid. You need to assign unique ids and passwords for access to the POP email accounts to ensure privacy.
Do NOT put www. before the domain name in your POP settings. If the domain name does not work alone, try putting “mail.” in front, as in: “mail.yourdomain.com”.
Different email programs may have particular methods of entering the set up information, or it may appear slightly different than what you see above. Please consult your program documentation or the manufacturer for assistance.
Your current Internet connection provider should be able to provide you with the correct SMTP/Outgoing Mail server information. Please contact them directly for this information.