How do I cancel an account?

Before you cancel, remember that we really do value your business, and we want you to remain happy with our services – so contact us with your concerns about the service, mention problems you have had with certain features – and let us know anything we can do to improve. Many times, we are able to offer a resolution to your problem or a compromise to satisfy your needs. Contact us with this feedback by email to: accounting@webii.net.

If you wish to discontinue a web hosting account, please send us a written notice stating the domain name of the account and your intention to cancel. (This email request must be sent from the authorized owner on file for the account.) You will receive a confirmation from the Accounting Department that your request has been received,  including any remaining balances or invoices.

Please send this notice at least 30 days prior to your renewal date by email to accounting@webii.net.

To read our cancellation policy in detail, please read the Customer Contract (Web Agreement).