How can I upsell my products?

Upsell currently is only supported for creating static pages. The upsell feature as described below will not work with dynamic product pages. The upsell feature requires some modification of our standard template sets. The steps you need to follow are below.

1. Select the template set that you will use.
2. Go into the template set directory.
(usually data/SmPageGen/contbasic) This will take you into a specific template set. From here, make a copy of one of the product page templates. These include pages such as normalleft.html, onsaletop.html (any page with the words top, left, right, or bottom are product page templates). Name this copy upsell.html.
3. Go up one directory to the directory where the page generation executable and template set configuration files are located. You will need to modify the template set configuration file that corresponds to the template set that you chose.
4. Open the template set configuration file and look for the following line: ProductPage1.
This lists all of the possible product page templates that are available. There should be about 24 listed here. Go to the end of this section and add a line similar to:

ProductPage25 Upsell Template;contbasic/upsell.html

This will make the upsell template available in the pull down list when you select the product page style for each SKU.

Now that you have done this, you need to make a change to the upsell.html page that was created. Currently it will add an item to the cart and then link to the display cart page. The syntax for this can be found on the upsell.html page as:

<form ACTION=”ADDPRODUCT#scpages/showcart.html” METHOD=”POST”>

To be able to use the upsell feature this should read as:

<form ACTION=”ADDPRODUCT#p-%%product.upsell%%.html” METHOD=”POST”>

Once this is done you will need to select the upsell template for a given product and enter the SKU of the product that you want to link to for the upsell item.