How can I send out emails to my customers from a web browser or when I am away from the office?

Your web hosting account includes a convenient WebMail option with some limited features. You can access your email as well as send out emails from your domain name through a web browser anywhere you have an Internet connection.

When your Webmail is activated, you may visit it by using the link within cPanel, or by visiting http://webmail.yourdomain.com

Enter the user ID and password for the specific email account you want to access.

Note: For customers with the Startup plan, webmail disk space is limited to 3MB per account. Pro and higher plans support 25MB of webmail space.

Many customers also choose to set up their laptop or traveling computer with an email program, such as Outlook or Mail, to check and send emails. You will set up the email program in the same way you configure your email program at home or at the office to check your WEBii hosted email accounts.

For more robust cloud-based email services, there are modern providers available such as Microsoft and Google. Consult your IT professional for more information.