How can I read the emails that customers send to my autoresponder?

When you setup an autoresponder, there is an option called “Also Notify”. You may type an email address of your choice into this field where messages to the autoresponder will be copied. You will then be able to read the messages sent to the autoresponder and choose to contact that customer/individual directly. Keep in mind that whether you choose to write them directly or not, that individual will still automatically receive the autoresponse you created.


You want to create an autoresponder called info@mydomain.com that automatically emails the customer a message reading “Thank you, someone will contact you soon.” However, in some circumstances, when the customer emailed a detailed question, you want to be sure that Bob in the Sales Department emails them also with a customized answer. Therefore, you add a new autoresponder to your email settings called info@mydomain.com and under the “Also notify” box, you type in Bob’s email address: bob@mydomain.com. This means that Bob will now receive copies of the emails that customers have sent toinfo@mydomain.com ; he can read through them and decide if it necessary for him to write a more detailed email to them.

You might have an already existent autoresponder that you want to add an “Also Notify” feature to. Within the “Email Settings” section of your Control Panel, beside the email address under your autoresponder settings, click “Modify”. You will see the current settings for that autoresponder email address, and you may then enter an email address of your choice into the “Also notify” field.