How Can I Make My Word Press Site More Secure

Here are some tips to follow to improve your WordPress site’s security and prevent hacker abuse.

1) Password selection

When picking a password for your WordPress site, a few things to remember are to pick a password that has an alpha-numeric combination, that is not easily guessed, and contains at least a capital letter and a symbol.

Another recommendation would be to periodically change your WordPress password so that it is even more difficult to guess.

2) Upgrading your WordPress to the latest version

It is best to regularly perform upgrades to your WordPress software as soon as possible. Before you make an upgrade, we do recommend performing a back up of your database and files first, then proceed with the WordPress software upgrade to the most recent version.

You can either download a copy of the latest WordPress version at WordPress.org, or you may have an upgrade link inside your WordPress admin panel, or you can contact your web developer for help. (Some websites may require special attention to prevent design or plugin issues during upgrade.)

3) Installing security plugins

Installing WordPress security plugins (such as WordPress Firewall or WordFence) can also help to beef up your WordPress site’s security. There are many plugins that can help your site stay safe and secure. You can always check WordPress’s site for the most up to date plugins, and choose a plugin that is established, compatible with your version of WordPress and has a good reputation.