How can I include RealAudio® or Real Video files in my home page?

Currently, there exist more updated methods of placing video media on your website. A few options include the following: Youtube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. Click their respective links to be taken to their FAQ section.

Our Professional or higher domain accounts also have the ability to use the more popular RealAudio® server. Once you have created an RA file, follow these instructions to incorporate realaudio files into your home page:

You need to create a text file with a “.ram” extension. This text file contains a URL to the realaudio file in the following format:

* pnm://www.webxess.net:7070/<userid>/audiofilename.ra

Note the “pnm:” prefix. Substitute your userid above. This file can reside in the root directory of your account. The audio file name must have a “.ra” extension.

The HTML file must reference this text file; for example:

* <a href=”http://<your_domain>/<textfile.ram>”>Listen to Audio</a>

For Real Video files, the same procedure applies, however your file extension will be the appropriate movie file extension, rather than .ra .