How can I include MIDI audio files in my home page?

You can add sound or music to spice up your web site by embedding a MIDI file in your page. MIDI files are typically only about 15k to 25k in size, so they do not take very long to load. You can use MIDI files as background music on your page by adding the following code to the section of your html file:

<embed src=”yoursong.mid” hidden=true> <bgsound src=”yoursong.mid”>

Replace “yoursong” with the name of the MIDI file that you are using. This code excerpt will support people using Netscape or Internet Explorer.

To make a MIDI file play “on request” in the foreground, you link to directly to the MIDI file using a hyperlink.

<a href=”melody.mid”>Click to hear my MIDI tune!</a>