How can I get started building my E-commerce store?

*This is legacy information. We no longer support this software.

These instructions apply to customers using the Mercantec SoftCart 5.1 software.

Be sure to fill out the licensing agreement when you log on to your Store Manager (StoreMgr) the very first time. You should also download the user guide (and other technical guides) via Mercantec’s website at: http://www.mercantec.com/

Regardless if you are planning to create a custom store or insert SoftCart’s tags into an existing web site, it is recommended that you should first use SoftCart’s StoreBuilder (for details instructions, please refer to SoftCart User’s guide) to create your store for the very first time. This way, you can be familiar with how SoftCart works. Many times, it is easier to modify an existing Store Template than to create one from scratch. You may also modify the default template one (1) page at a time and use the “Store Generate” function to generate the site to make sure your custom template is working properly before you have made all the changes.

For a Web designer that wishes to insert SoftCart’s tags into an existing site, the Store Builder can also provide a good example of how SoftCart’s tags work. You may simply review the .html files that Store Builder generated (in your htdocs/scstore/ folder) for you and it should provide you a better understanding of how you should insert the custom tags on your existing site (you may also find more information in the SoftCart User’s guide and the Technical Reference Guide).