How can I create sub-categories in SoftCart?

*This is legacy information. We no longer support this software.

Sub-categories are not supported in SoftCart’s Page Generator program by default.

The easiest way to create sub-categories within SoftCart is to create your own index page with your categories on it, then link it to the statically generated SoftCart category pages (which would act as the sub-categories). These pages are labeled: c-(your category here).html and should be located within your htdocs/scstore/ folder. Make sure there is still an “enter store” page before this one though, so that a cart ID will be assigned to the shopper. This requires some customization on the merchant or their developer’s part, but should produce the desired effect.


A Merchant that is selling movies online and wishes to create a first level of categories: DVD, VCD, and VHS. Under each category, there should be sub-categories: Comedy, Action, and Drama.

The Merchant should first create their own index page that contains a link to the 3 categories: DVD, VHS, and VCD. Within the Store Manager, they may then create the categories: DVD-Comedy, DVD-Action, DVD-Drama, VCD-Comedy, VCD-Action, VCD-Drama, VHS-Comedy, VHS-Action, and VHS-Drama and input the products’ information under each category. Once the Store is generated, the merchant may edit the link on their custom Category page to link to the Sub-Categories (ie. C-DVD-Comedy.html should be the sub-category page for DVD-comedy; this page should be generated within the scstore/ directory by default).