Group Email Forwarding

Group email forwarders are similar to regular forwarders, except the email can be sent to more than one person. For example, you may assign a Group Email Forwarder: sales@mydomain.com, with staff1@mydomain.com and staff2@mydomain.com on the list. When an email is sent to sales@mydomain.com both staff1 and staff2 will receive the same email.

(Note that Group Forwarders are NOT mailing lists. They are limited to a certain number of characters, usually allowing up to approximately 25 email addresses in your list. If you are interested in implementing a mailing list to your account, keep in mind that you have the ability to use a custom mailing list script. These types of scripts are popular and should be easy to find on the web. Keep in mind, however, that Webii does take its “Spam” policy seriously. Please read our AUP for the details of this policy.)

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