FTP Setup

You may setup additional FTP account(s) and assign unique user ids and passwords to enable user to log on to a specific directory.

You have created a sub-directory under your account called /sub-site, and you can assign a new user id and password for a particular user to access directly to this sub-directory via FTP. When users log onto this directory, it would be his/her root directory and he/she may not access your account’s main directory.

This is an added feature to protect your main directory contents when assigning different tasks for different users.

To setup a new FTP account:

To change a user’s password, click on “Change Password” enter in the new password. If you would like the use to receive a copy of their new password, enter their email address.

To delete a user, click on the “Delete” link that is next to their user name.

Enabling anonymous FTP allows visitors to access your web site to upload and/or download files without an unique id and password. Anonymous FTP can be enabled or disabled, depending on the user preference, by clicking on “Change”. If it is enabled, clicking on “Contents” will bring up a page similar to the Web FTP page that will show the files available for download