Every time I republish design changes in PowerWebBuilder my custom-created homepage gets replaced with a redirect page. How do I prevent this?

Since PowerWebBuilder is intended to be used as the main editor of the whole web site, it usually assumes that you are creating your homepage inside the PoweWebBuilder interface and automatically load that default setting each time you publish. If you prefer to use your own custom homepage and link from that to the shopping cart pages, you can edit a configuration file to prevent the “auto-replacement” from occurring.

There are two values in the Dispatcher.cfg file in the cgi-local directory. They are:



These control where a redirect page could be written to. You can modify these values post installation to write out a redirect page to something different.

We recommend only advanced users to attempt these edits. For less advanced users, we recommend trying to create your own custom template within PowerWebBuilder using the same elements and information from your previously created custom pages.