Email Forwarders

Instructions below are for Windows interface/old interface design. For new interface (Unix customers), please click here.

Email forwarding can be used when a person would like to receive their email at an alternate existing email address.

For example:
Bill at yourdomain.com might want to collect his email at his AOL email account, so that he doesn’t have to check email from two different email accounts.  Instead of setting up a POP3 account for Bill, an email forwarder can be created.

To setup the email forwarder, use the “Add an email forwarder” feature.  The name you enter in this case is: “bill” to create the account bill@yourdomain.com and then the email address where he would like to collect his email should be entered below; such as: bill@aol.com.

Bill would then be able to receive all emails sent to bill@yourdomain.com at his personal bill@aol.com address.

Clicking “Modify” will allow you to make changes such as the name or the final destination of the email account while clicking “Delete” will delete the forwarder.