E-Commerce FAQ

If you have questions about E-commerce, here is where you would find it! Along with E-commerce webhosting options, we also offer domain registration, web development, and SEO Services as well. To find out more, please call us at 512-241-1777!

SoftCart Technical Questions
These are questions regarding to tools or features of SoftCart, as well as how to’s, and other advanced development references.

PowerCommerce Questions
Answers to questions about Mercantec’s PowerCommerce features, including PowerWebBuilder, PowerSoftCart, PowerPayment, and the Ebay Marketplace Manager.

OSCommerce Questions
A basic Q & A about installing and setting up the osCommerce script in your account.

Miva Questions
Assistance with a few common questions about using Miva Merchant with your account.

PreSale Questions
What is E-Commerce?
What steps should I take to utilize E-Commerce?
What is Online Payment Processing?
What is a Merchant Account?
How do I get my Secure Server Certificate?
Mercantec SoftCart Documentation
Mercantec SoftCart Demo Store
What are the benefits of Ecommerce?
Where can I find more information on Bank One/Paymentech services with the ClearCommerce module?
Can I use an existing merchant account?
Can I use a merchant account from my local bank?
Common SoftCart Technical Questions
How should I get started building my SoftCart E-commerce store?
After I generate my Store, my site was created within my htdocs/scstore/ folder. I want my visitors to access my site via http://www.domain.com NOT http://www.domain.com/scstore/, can I change that?
How can I create sub-categories with SoftCart?
How do I sort my SoftCart Categories or Products?
I’m currently using a different host for my SoftCart’s site. Do I need to rebuild everything from scratch if I transfer to Webii?
How do I install SoftCart Encryption program on a Mac?
I am having problems with my Clear Commerce payment system or payment distribution into my Merchant Account. What’s wrong?