Do you offer technical support to customers?

About Standard Support

Yes. We encourage our customers to send email to support@webii.net with questions or concerns about their web site. We guarantee a response to your emails within no later than 24 hours, and our record shows that our average response time is often within minutes. If we cannot offer a solution to a concern within a reasonable timeframe, we will invite you to call us or we may call you directly.

About Emergency Server Support

In addition, for emergency situations in which you believe the server is down and completely unreachable, you may contact our Technical Support phone line and leave an “urgent” message. Our staff member will immediately be paged to assist you. *Please note that urgent tech support calls are reserved only for server downtime. Emergency network engineers cannot assist with other website issues.

About Web Development Support

If you are a customer using WEBii’s professional web development team to build your website, additional maintenance options may be available to you. Contact your project manager to discuss website maintenance support.