Do I need to make any changes to my web site content or settings because of this transition?

For the most part, you won’t need to do anything. Webii.net and Appsite Hosting will be taking care of migration of files and important settings for your account.

However, select customers will need to update their email settings, edit certain web pages, and test their accounts to ensure that everything is in working order on the new environment.

If you have any email autoresponders, you will need to select your autoresponder settings in your Webii Control Panel. Click here to learn how.

If you have any hard-coded urls in your site with the path “secure.dellhost.com” or “siteid.dellhost.com”you will need to update those paths with the appropriate path for your Webii account. Most paths can reference your domain name instead of the siteid; for example:http://site12345.dellhost.com can be changed to http://mydomainname.com
For secure urls using a shared SSL certificate, you will need to change the path to the appropriate secure url at Webii:
For urls coded with secure12.dellhost.com, replace this part with: www40.webxess.net
For urls coded with secure20.dellhost.com, replace this part with: www45.webxess.net
For urls coded with secure.dellhost.com/~D[siteid], replace this part with: www35.webxess.net/D[siteid]
(Notice that the tilde (~) has been removed before the site id.)

Most of these types of urls have been taken care of by Webii already, however you may need to login to your Miva store admin area and update these settings in “Domain Settings”. Also, if you are on a Unix-based server platform and you have urls hard-coded with “cgi-bin”, these may need to be updated to “cgi-local” in order to function properly.

You may be receiving additional emails from Webii.net or Appsite Hosting about your account in the near future. Keep an eye out for those in your inbox.