Creating Backups

After logging into your cPanel, you can make a full or partial backup of your web site. Under the “Files” tab, find and click on the icon for the Backup Wizard.

Once you are in the Backup Wizard, click “Back Up.” You will be given the option to perform a full or partial back up of your web site.

Next, choose one of the options from the “Backup Destination” menu. The options are as follows:

Next, configure the notifications for the backup that you are creating:

If you chose any backup destination other than “Home Directory”, you will need to enter the required information for the remote destination in the designated text boxes.

Click “Generate Backup.” You will see a confirmation for your backup. To return to the “Download” section, click “Go Back.”

For more details about this feature, visit the cPanel documentation: https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/68Docs/Backup+Wizard