Case Study: Custom Web Development for a Texas Online Course

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Custom Online Course Web Application

WEBii worked with an established school and the standards from The Texas Education Agency to custom develop a course application that allows people throughout Texas to complete a certification online. This online course is taken by thousands of students each year.

The features of the system are extensive and were built “from the ground up” by collaborating with the business’s managers and through use of open source technology. Course material is delivered in streaming video format, with progressive chapters, periodic identify verification, interactive questions that check a student’s participation level, and a final exam that feeds questions from a rotating test bank. During all aspects of the web development process, our team had to ensure that the website met the functionality requirements for approval by the State of Texas.

Administrators of the course constantly gather feedback from students and record important online activity to provide customer service and improve the user experience. We continue to work with the school to improve user experience during the registration process, course chapters, the test and the certificate fulfillment process. As technology evolves, we have cooperated with administrators to improve course access on new mobile devices.

Some features of this project included: