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PeopleAdmin is a leader in technology solutions for Higher Education. They provide software tools for hiring, retention and operations that keep organizations competitive and running smoothly.

The company was experiencing challenges with merged brands, new product offerings, and an outdated website that was difficult to maintain.

WEBii partnered with the expert in Higher Education software to redesign a web presence. Our goals included updating the website with a look consistent with the company’s latest branding, improving navigation for the target audiences, providing easy content management tools, and repairing concerns related to SEO.

PeopleAdmin Web Design

Highlights from this web development project:

Portfolio Sample of Mobile Compatible Web Design

A major goal in this website redevelopment effort was to improve the mobile experience. Our designers and project coordinators worked closely with the marketing lead and our QA team to test the web design on multiple mobile devices, as well as different desktop platforms. This process ensured a positive mobile responsive experience.