Can I transfer existing web hosting account and domain name to Webii?

Yes. A number of our customers have transferred existing websites to our services. When you place an order by telephone or via our online order form, be sure that the order form detects your domain name as a “transfer”. You must be the current owner of that domain name. If someone else already owns that domain, you will not have access to it and will not be able to transfer it.

In order for the domain name to officially transfer to our hosting services, the domain name record must be changed to reflect WEBii nameservers/DNS information.

Tip: You should only proceed with this step if you are ready to begin pointing the domain name to our servers. If there is not yet a copy of your website on our server, it may be too soon.

If your domain name Registrar provided you with a username and password, you should log into your domain name record and update the nameserver information to the appropriate information provided by WEBii when you placed your order.

Our nameserver information is as follows:

Primary nameserver: NS1.WEBXESS.NET
Secondary nameserver: NS2.WEBXESS.NET
Third nameserver (optional): NS3.WEBXESS.NET

Tip: Some customers utilize a third-party DNS service to host their domain records, such as Cloudflare. In this case, your procedure will be different and you will not be changing the nameservers in your domain record. Instead, you will work with your DNS provider to update certain records to point to our server IP address.