Can I change my domain name?

We may re-setup your hosting account with a new domain name, to replace the primary domain name your are currently using. There is a $35 re-setup fee to perform this change. Also, if the new domain name you wish to use has not yet been registered, we may register it for you with SiteReserve.com, at a rate of $35 for a 2 year period.

In order to make a change to your account’s primary domain name or a domain pointer, please emailĀ accounting@webii.net with the details of your request. Be sure to spell out both your current domain name and the new one you wish to replace it with.

(Note: If you have ordered a domain name for registration with us and it has already been processed, we cannot reverse the order or edit misspellings. If you discover that you have improperly spelled the domain name in your order placement, please contact us as immediately as possible to try and correct the order before processing. If the order has already been processed, there will be an additional charge to make changes.)