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By Jacqueline Sinex, Thursday, July 26, 2012
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Are your page titles boring? More importantly, are you missing opportunities by having generic, boring page titles and links?

We all recognize About Us by now.  Most websites have an “about” section.  And you should.  But is there another more engaging title that could do all these things:

  • Tell your readers who you are.
  • Tell your visitors what you do.
  • Tell search engines like Google what you do.

If your company name has a strong keyword like “real estate” in it, why not make your title for the About page “About XYZ Real Estate”.  That was easy, it includes a keyword and it’s descriptive to someone looking for info about your company.

You can get more creative (or strategic) with titles as you delve into heavier content, like subpages in your site that describe specific pains in your industry, FAQs from your industry, and more.

Sometimes, it is great to include these same titles in the labels of your menu links.  If you can fit that into your menu design it will enhance your SEO and your user experience.  But I recognize that menu links generally need to be short and to the point.  Having long keyword-rich menu links is just not always going to work.  Keep in mind that you can find a balance between your links and your page content.  If your page title is an H1 heading (inside an H1 tag) it will be a strong content-worthy element of your webpage, and your link will lead people and searching engines to this.

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