Some of Our Specialties

Education: Custom Websites for Online Courses

online course web designers

Our experienced team has created website systems for a variety of online education needs, including continuing education (CEU programs), special designations, real estate and defensive driving. Learn more about online learning development.

Online education has so many possibilities.  Your website can have a simple student registration form, basic one-time payments, and self-paced course materials with formats like PDF documents. Or, the website can have a more robust registration process with additional personalized and security details, recurring membership payments, video content and interactive tests.  Does your curriculum have special regulations from a governing agency? WEBii can work with your requirements to design the necessary flow and security features. Contact us for a consultation.


Construction: Portfolio Websites for Construction Companies


Construction web design

WEBii appreciates professionals in construction related fields, including residential and commercial verticals. Our talented web designers and programmers build beautiful and functional websites that showcase a portfolio of construction projects, highlight capabilities, integrate with other software and more.

We offer dedicated project managers to ensure that your website project is planned and executed as well as your building projects.  We know how to communicate efficiently and transform your vision into a website that truly represents your company’s personality and skills. Showcase your best projects in dynamic photo galleries organized in appropriate categories, receive contacts from lead generation forms, share news about jobs in progress, and build content that attracts local clients.  Contact us today to discuss your website goals.


Staffing: Websites for Human Resources and Job Management

staffing company website

Employment and staffing companies have some unique business processes and requirements. Differentiate your staffing firm from the pack by allowing WEBii to custom design a web presence for your brand.

When your business is finding people jobs, you serve multiple audiences with different needs – companies who need quality personnel short term, companies who need permanent staff, and individuals seeking employment. You may also be targeting different types of businesses in different locations. We understanding complexities of things like scheduling, time management and reporting.

Designing the right look and content for your website can be challenging when you need to convey information to such a variety of visitors, but WEBii can help.