Austin-Based WEBii Completes Dynamic Application Supporting 401(k) Fiduciaries

Thursday, May 1st, 2014 | Press

The FIRE System is a unique online 401(k self-assessment tool to educate fiduciaries and provide them with solutions to their 401(k) compliance issues.

Austin, TX (March 11, 2014) – WEBii, an Austin-based custom web development firm, announced the completion of a unique application for The FIRE System.. The FIRE System is a 401(k) self-assessment tool for plan fiduciaries. The application was developed in collaboration with OTB Strategic Consulting, Inc. (OTB) and Akros Fiduciary Management, a business advisory and investment firm, respectively.

The new application gives employers, plan sponsors, and fiduciaries an independent review to ensure that any risks and areas of non-compliance are addressed cost effectively and efficiently. With this system, fiduciaries can have a better understanding of their plan, the regulatory rules and regulations, and if their plan is in compliance or not.

“We are proud to be part of a project that could make a very positive impact on employment and financial communities,“ said Jacqueline Sinex,, Managing Director for WEBii.

The web-based service will give fiduciaries more confidence and knowledge about their 401(k) plan, educating them about government rules, guidelines, and how to avoid fiduciary liability.

“It was great working with a local Austin programmer and website designer who could see the vision of helping 401k Plan Sponsors avoid regulatory and litigation issues and help make our vision happen,” said Deborah A. Castellani, CFA, Principal & Senior Fiduciary Specialist, OTB Strategic Consulting,

To learn more about the system and to obtain a free 401(k) Risk Assessment, visit www.thefiresystem.com.

About OTB Strategic Consulting, Inc.

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