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By Brian Disbot, Wednesday, March 6, 2013
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A strong web presence can do wonders for any business. From attracting new customers to keeping loyal ones up-to-date on new or improved products and services, and online marketing plan can serve as a major expediter to delivering quality information and customer service.

SEO Marketing Team PictureHowever, business owners do not always have the time to maintain a rigorous SEO campaign on their own. To boost rankings and search engine visibility, we recommend consulting a web design, development, and SEO marketing company. Unless you are already a whiz at online marketing, it may be more trouble than it’s worth to try to play catch-up now; leave it to the professionals.

The Facts

In the US, over 77% of people are active online. That’s roughly 240 million users who could be looking for a business just like yours to serve them reliably and efficiently. In light of the massive web presence of businesspeople and potential customers, it is increasingly important to make sure your site is visible. Worldwide, Google alone answers more than one billion search queries every day! Of those one billion searches, 15% are brand new and have never been searched before. So even if your company is in a niche market or just starting out, people are searching the Internet for new things every day. Make sure they can find you and your services or products.

Limits of SEO

SEO is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. However, writing page after page of keyword-rich content can become monotonous; you don’t want to sacrifice quality writing for a few extra keywords. Hiring a professional SEO company can be very beneficial because these pros are experts at writing effectively for SEO while maintaining a company’s personality. Be careful, though; some companies do not offer custom SEO services. Make sure you go with a company that will provide personalized analysis, recommendations, and content for your individual website.

Adding a keyword here-and-there as well as bombarding your pages with keywords will hurt more than help your business. Generating quality SEO-intense material takes more time, research, and dedication than one would expect. Since keywords change and their effect fluctuates as the months go by, it’s important to have an SEO marketing provider who will monitor these changes and adapt to them promptly. While you focus on your business and honing your skills, the last thing on your mind is what keywords were strongest last month and which SEO-friendly words need more focus and appearance. This process takes up much time and research so it may be in the business owner’s best interest to hire a web consulting and SEO marketing company to assist you in generating relevant keywords to get the most out of your online presence.

What to Do Now?

There are many SEO providers to choose from these days. When debating which company to hire, be on the lookout for:

1. Custom analysis and recommendations

2. Quality content provided by the company’s writing staff

3. In-depth reporting and constant communication

4. Personalized solutions for your business

Don’t put your company’s success into the hands of just any web company. Make sure you choose a quality provider who will work with you to deliver the best results.

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