E-Learning: Out of the Classroom and Onto the Web

By Jacqueline Sinex, Monday, December 22, 2008

Does your company offer courses for professional certifications that require students to spend several hours in a classroom every year? How much more convenient would it be for those individuals to study from their home or office?

E-Learning Examples

  • Real estate industry courses with multiple chapters, interactive Flash quizzes, random security check questions, and final exams;
  • Specialized medical practice courses with downloadable reading materials, trackable tests, and printable certificates;
  • Advanced calendar features to coincide with in-house courses, tracking the number of available seats, and offering online registration.

How can online courses help your business?

  • Offering online courses means offering time and convenience to your students. You are likely to convert more people into students quickly because any hesitation they had about finding the time or driving across town will no longer be an issue.
  • E-learning can save your own staff time and money. With less of a need to have on-site staff available for walk-in classes, your instructors are freed up to work on curriculum, your customer service staff is in less demand and can help with other tasks, and your managers can focus on growing business.
  • Online classes will extend your target market. If you have always offered in-house courses and feel that you have reached a peak of business, the Web offers a way to grow the business by reaching out to another audience: People located further distances from your school, people with disabilities that make traveling difficult, stay at home parents, and people with difficult daytime schedules. Suddenly, there are hundreds of new prospects interested in signing up.

WEBii has vast experience creating online learning systems that enable people to study, take exams, and achieve certifications on the Web. Contact us if you would like to explore adding these features to your website.

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