Social Networking 101

Monday, October 26, 2009

Love it or hate it, social networking is an essential aspect of business in the 21st century.  Social networking not only keeps you informed with regards to what your customers and competition are up to, but it is also one of the easiest ways to enhance brand awareness and credibility… or hurt it.  Pay attention to these tips that will help business owners obtain all the advantages social networks have to offer, while avoiding the potential hazards.

  • We have two ears and one mouth for a reason… be sure to do more “listening” through your social networks than you do “speaking.”
  • Keep it fresh.  Be sure to always have new and interesting content to keep your online audience engaged.  Try creating a routine, i.e. three facebook wall posts, three tweets, and three blog articles per week.
  • Continuously build your social network by adding fans, customers, colleagues, networking partners, and other industry professionals.
  • Maintain the same level of professionalism online as you do offline.
  • Get involved in forums and discussions; if you read a comment about your business, respond!  Take this unique opportunity to directly interact with your customers and see what they have to say!

The following are social networks you and your employees should be utilizing:

-Your company should have a facebook fan page and a twitter account that are updated every couple of days.

-Create a LinkedIn profile for your business and encourage your employees to set up accounts to network with one another and other professionals.

-Blog, Blog, Blog.  You are an expert in your industry, right?  Well, share your expertise with the rest of us!

-Upload infomercials, promotions, or viral videos to YouTube.

-Create a Wiki for your business.

-List your business in local reviews/guides/forums.

-Add “share” links and badges to your website.

There are literally countless ways to interact via social networks.  If you haven’t already hopped on the social networking bandwagon, it’s not too late… but hurry!  As always, if you find yourself overwhelmed and in need of professional help, the experts here at WEBii are always happy to assist!


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