Create a Homepage That Sells

Monday, February 23, 2009

Simple is good, but beware of oversimplifying. A homepage needs to be more than just one picture of your product with an “enter” link. Gone are the 1990’s. You need to design your homepage for 2 audiences – your visitors (humans) and the search engines (robots). Here are some tips:

  • Include a brief yet specific text introduction of what your business does.
  • Include at least 1 important call to action (phone number, special offer sign up, buy now link)
  • Include a testimonial from your customer.
  • Include a few very strong photos that compliment your copy (photos of your products, your customers, or great stock photos).
  • Include a bulleted list of your key products/services.
  • Include links to all other key pages in your web site.
  • Make sure your logo and company name or slogan is very prominent.

Your homepage needs to capture the attention of a person in only a few seconds, and encourage them to DO something (call to action) which leads to closed business.  This page also needs to have enough text information on it for search engines to actually read and understand what the website is about.


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