Web Application Development Myths to Avoid

Monday, March 25, 2019

Web applications have the potential to add a great deal of functionality and convenience to business websites. Whether you are creating a registration process for your online learning course, creating a customized shopping cart for your e-commerce website, adding authenticated access, creating member-only areas of your site, or more, web application development is the way to go.  

When creating functional and beautiful interactive elements on your site, however, you do need to watch out for certain misconceptions that can keep you from fully embracing everything that is possible with web application development. Here are three myths to avoid, and the steps you should take to maximize your custom application development instead.

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Myth 1: Web application development is limited in its functionality.

One of the first obstacles many businesses feel like they encounter when it comes to web application development is a limit on what is possible. Often, this misconception comes down to the skill or willingness of the developer to implement the client’s vision.

Many web developers simply offer pre-designed solutions that do not always fit with a company’s unique needs and vision for their website. Faced with options that do not work, businesses may give up on the idea of a web application. Or often they may settle for functionality that is less than what they had envisioned.

The reality, however, is that web application development, when applied with creativity and expertise, is quite capable of meeting a wide range of custom needs and requests from clients. You simply need a web developer who has the knowledge of the open source options, frameworks and tools necessary to build custom solutions for your website. When you have the right developer, you can achieve almost any interactive experience you desire for your website visitors.


Myth 2: Web application development lacks security.

As a business, you naturally have a great deal invested in the security of your e-commerce website. With customers entrusting their personal information to you, preserving the safety of that data is a critical element in your business success.

Unfortunately, many businesses perceive web application development as a way of introducing security weaknesses into their sites. They believe these interactive elements are less secure than are other parts of their site and are, therefore, prone to hacking or data breaches.

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The reality, is that web application development is more than capable of providing the same high-level security for you and your customers’ information as is the rest of your site. How is this possible? Because the backend security driving these web apps is every bit as stringent and proven as the backend security driving the rest of your website.

Tools a web developer may use to secure your web app include two factor authentication, SSL connections, API tokens, and more. With security in place, your web app can add convenience to your visitors’ website experience without detracting from the safety and security of your site.

When in doubt about the security of any app development project, never hesitate to ask your web developer. They should be more than happy to walk you through the security measures they are taking on your behalf.

Myth 3: Web application development is expensive.

Cost is a major factor in almost every decision a business, particularly a small business, makes. When it comes to web application development, many businesses feel as if they will not be able to afford the process of creating useful and interactive elements for their website. Unfortunately, this means that they often settle for boxed solutions that leave their site less useful than they had hoped.

Settling for something less than a custom solution, when you need one is likely to cost you money in the long-run. As visitors struggle to use your site, encounter obstacles, or have less than stellar experiences with your business, they become less likely to return to you for the products and services they need. In addition, boxed solutions often add costs for added features. Once you implement all the features you need, can be more expensive than a custom solution.

In fact, web application development is often not as expensive as businesses fear. While custom solutions offer a way to create a tailored and effective website, they do not have to drain your budget. Instead, talk with an experienced web developer (like WEBii) about both your budget and your vision. Find out what is possible in the world of custom development for meeting your unique vision.

Web application development has the ability to enhance your website with useful tools and interactive elements that will create a memorable and easy-to-use experience for your visitors. Imagine, for example, how your online learning course could be transformed by online registration, or how your customers’ shopping experience could be improved by a customized shopping cart.

If you have a vision for your website, do not allow myths about web application development to keep you from pursuing those ideas. In particular, do not fall for the misconceptions that web application development is limited in functionality, lacks security, or is overly expensive. Instead, find a web developer who has the expertise in custom design solutions that you need to create a safe, secure, and affordable web app for your site.

Here at WEBii, we offer years of experience leveraging tools like open sources and frameworks to solve our customers’ web app needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to learn more about how our experience might be just what you need to create the custom applications your website needs.


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