Quick Tip: Make Social Media Work for You

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Everyone is talking about social media and how it can help your business. You’ve joined the bandwagon and are diving deep into the social media world, but is that enough? To make social media work. you’ve got to do more than just sign up. You have to be worth following! You want to make yourself captivating and worth listening too. Take twitter for example, you can get lost in a sea of people with thousands of updates quicker than I can tie my shoes. But if you are entertaining, ethusiastic, clever and insightful … the sea of tweets becomes smaller and you are the fish that stands out. If you make the most out of social media (and become someone everyone wants to follow), you are going to be more successful. If you don’t (and people don’t follow you for any other reason that to “follow” you), then aren’t you really just talking to yourself. Be captivating!


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