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6 Ways to Direct Visitors’ Attention to Your Call to Action

Written by Ruth Hawk

Regardless of the type of conversions you hope to earn from your site, you greatly increase your chances of getting them if you include a visible call to action (CTA) on each web page. Much of this visibility comes from effective web design. Here are a few suggestions for adding the visual cues to your web design that will direct visitors’ attention to your CTA.

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Why You Should Design Your Website With Customers In Mind

Written by Lizzy Cederberg

Since its launch in September, the new Apple Maps App has come under fire from just about everyone. So much so that Apple CEO Tim Cook had to issue a formal apology about the failure of the new product. “We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing […]

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WEBii Shares Advice in Video Interview

Written by Ally Hugg

We recently welcomed a special guest to the WEBii office – who wanted to learn about the importance of custom web design and maintaining a professional website. Doug Keating, of Structural Environments came by to conduct a video interview with Jacqueline Sinex, Project Manager here at WEBii.

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Fonts for the Web

Written by Jacqueline Sinex

Suppose you have spent a good deal of time and money working on your company branding, and your business logo has a beautiful scripted font that you are ever so proud of. Having this fancy logo is certainly fine, but don’t count on translating that same font into all of the body text for your […]

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