How do I create an email form with Microsoft FrontPage?

The FrontPage program includes a “web bot” feature for creating email forms.

In FrontPage 2002, place your cursor where you want the form to appear on your web page. Click the Insert menu and select Form > Form.

Once the form is in place, a dashed-line border will display. This border represents where the contents of your form will reside. You may then select the Insert menu again, choose Form, and continue to select various types of form elements that suit the needs of your form input. A good way to organize this information is to include it inside of a table. (Make sure the table you create is inside of the form border.)

In the latest versions of FrontPage, this web bot feature uses Java, and it can sometimes present problems for our customers. For an alternative method of creating email forms, we suggest learning basic HTML form tags, and using the cgi-email script that is preinstalled on our server.