How do I connect directly to my web site through FrontPage?

Select “Open FrontPage Web” or “Open Web” within your FrontPage program. (In earlier versions, this feature will be in your FrontPage File Manager.)

For FrontPage 2002, you should type in your entire url to the field in the window. For example: http://www.mydomain.com and click “Open”. You will then be prompted for you username and password.

For earlier versions of FrontPage, you may see a window with a button that reads, “More Webs”. Click the “More Webs” button, and then type your domain name or IP address into the box. Then click “Show Webs”. Select “Root” or the appropriate web you wish to edit. You will then be prompted for your usename and password.

If you have connected successfully, you should begin to view a list of your files and directories. If you are using version 2002 and you do not see your “Folder List”, you may click “View”> “Folder List” from the program menu.