Getting the FrontPage extensions installed to your account

New Accounts

Check the box on the order form indicating that you want the FrontPage extensions (or notify a Customer Service representative when placing your order). If you request to use Microsoft FrontPage at the time of placing your order, Webii will install the extension for you during the setup process.
Existing Accounts

Now you can install or uninstall FrontPage extensions yourself, through the convenience of your account Control Panel. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Login to your Control Panel and click on the “www setup” button.
  2. Beside “FrontPage Extensions”, you will see the status of the extensions (either installed or not installed).
  3. If you wish to install new extensions on your account, enter the password you wish to use (or use the randomly generated one) and click the link to begin the install. Then wait possibly several minutes for the extensions to complete the installation process.
  4. If you wish to remove the current extensions, simply click the “Remove” link. Keep in mind that any FrontPage components or subwebs within your account will no longer function once you have removed the extensions.

Alternatively, you may send an email request to install FrontPage extensions to support@webii.net with the following information:

On existing sites, the installation will generally be done within 24 hours.


All FrontPage extensions has been upgraded to FrontPage ver 3.02 per Microsoft. Webii no longer installs or supports ver 1.1