When Life Gives You Flour, Make Cookies

By Jacqueline Sinex, Monday, December 27, 2010
WEBii cookie

In almost 15 years at WEBii, we have seen businesses of many sizes and shapes,  but one thing most of them seem to share is a lack of marketing budget toward the end of the year. Small business owners are thinking about that holiday card list and those business parties they will be attending, leaving them wishing they could afford to leave a little more impressed with the customer, but there just wasn’t any cash in the promotions box.

Sometimes we just need to get creative. So what if you don’t have fancy branded t-shirts – roll up those sleeves and pass out some handwritten cards with a special coupon code and your website address. Creative and personalized promotions can be both fun and leave a lasting impact on customers, friends, and clients. Your website makes an affordable companion to any offline marketing endeavors.

Sometimes all that appears to be in your promotions fund is dust… in our case, it happened to be flour. Our custom WEBii cookies were a big hit at a business networking party this year. We took lots of fun pictures of our cookies experience and reused them in our e-newsletter and blog marketing. Simple, easy, and fun.

It’s innovation and creativity that are going to attract customers, and if you can keep your ideas original and cost-effective you’ll be able to leave an impact that they will remember for a long time.

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