Using Social Media Between Businesses

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We recently wrote about business professionals using social media to connect with existing customers and generate new ones, but what about the use of social media between businesses?

If you’re a company that produces glass sheets for sliding doors, is a blog or Facebook page really going to be of any use to you? Surprisingly, yes. Social media can be and is often used by businesses who deal directly with other businesses.

The use of social media in the business-to-business world (B2B) is different from its use in the business-to-consumer world (B2C). Instead of just spreading awareness about a business and engaging with current and potential customers, B2Bs utilize social tools to find and interact with other businesses, build a reputation, and ultimately, increase the bottom line.

For B2B businesses, social media is best utilized in two ways: maintaining a blog to establish your business as an industry leader, and exploring social sites to gain customer insights.

A blog is a wonderful tool for any business. Especially in the B2B world, a regularly updated, thought provoking blog, will be noticed by potential customers. If the blog is truly engaging, it may be shared among businesses. When people want information about your field of work, they will remember your blog, and continue to turn to you for advice and insights. This can potentially generate sales.

Social media is a wonderful research tool for B2Bs. Looking at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is a great way to see what people in your industry are talking about – what do they value? what are they looking for? B2Bs can also use tools like Google Alerts, to track keywords and follow industry trends. Being knowledgeable about the latest in your field or industry will contribute to your social leadership position.


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