Quick Tips: Interative Media Frenzies

By Jacqueline Sinex, Monday, August 3, 2009

2009 is proving to be a turning point in the number of small business owners who have asked us about using audio and/or video media in their web sites.  But while awareness of these interactive mediums have grown, it isn’t always advisable to start plastering video and audio files all over your web site. Remember to go back to those standard marketing rules – who is your audience and what do they want?

How large are your files and how will they affect the performance of your site to those visitors? Do they have a fast enough Internet connection?  Will they likely be viewing your site at work when they might need to mute sound from playing?  Is the primary purpose of your web site to entertain, for brand recognition, or for making sales?  Will a video detract from another key call-to-action?

For many businesses, marketing with online videos and audio is a great tool, but it might be better served on a particular web page instead of your home page, or only on third party web sites like blogs, community forums, Google, and YouTube.  SEO and marketing consultants can often make recommendations in this area that are tailored to your campaign.  Ask WEBii about SEO Marketing Services.


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