Wacky Wednesday in the PR House: Series 1, Part 3: Creating an Effective PR Plan

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wacky Wednesday is in full swing and ready to pick up right where we left off last week with the next three elements of your communication plan. Featured this week:

  • Message (RESPECT…find out what it means to me)
  • Goals (we aren’t climbing Mt. Everest, at least not yet.)
  • Objectives (didn’t we already decide on Mt. Everest?)

Your message: Sounds easy enough, but you need to be clear (not every potential message is a good message). Your message is what you want people to know about you or your company — this is derived from your campaign. Think about what message you are trying to get out there. We will worry about how to accomplish that later. Aretha’s message is that of Respect, what’s yours?
Goals: Get your hiking/snow boots on, Mt. Everest here we come. Not! The goals you set don’t have to be the size of Mt. Everest. They need to be practical. Think about what you are hoping to accomplish, and go from there. Your goals should be measurable, but fairly general (we will get to the more specific stuff later). An example of a good goal would be to increase website traffic.

Objectives: We already decided not to climb Mt. Everest, but why do we need objectives? Aren’t they the same as goals? Not quite. Your objectives are the specific measurable items you want to accomplish. (Yes you will need to be specific on this part.)  Remember your goals were more general. Let’s take our previous example: your goal was to increase your website traffic; your corresponding objective would be to increase the number of visitors to my website by 35%.

Work on these kids, and know that the home stretch of this series of Wacky Wednesday in the PR House is almost over (bummer!). Next week we will we wrap up Creating an Effective PR Plan and move onto our next series… I can’t wait.

Until next time…

Wacky Wednesday in the PR House is a multi-part series that will be brought to you weekly (on Wednesday, of course). Over the next few weeks I will help you develop your PR plan. After that, Wacky Wednesdays will still be days for advice and knowledge on how to make your PR, marketing and advertising efforts better. Stay tuned… there’s more to come!


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