Easy Internet Marketing Part 1: Online Forums

Monday, February 16, 2009

Even the most unusual hobbies have community websites dedicated to connecting people with similar interests. Do some quick searching and you are bound to find at least one forum related to your industry – or better yet, related to your target audience. If you are selling baby products, then joining a forum dedicated to new moms may be just your cup of tea.

Many forums offer free membership and a reasonable set of guidelines about what you are allowed to discuss. Start by replying to questions that other member’s have posted. Then get creative and pose questions of your own to poll the audience. Don’t forget to customize your forum signature (which should include a link to your website) – it will appear at the bottom of every post you make.

What This Does: You present yourself as an industry expert, spreading word about yourself and your business. You also build up links to your own web site, which helps direct visitor traffic and search engine results.

Taking It to the Next Level: If you want to take on a challenge, consider starting your own forum. Have your web developer install and customize the forum software into your web site design, and harvest a community of your prized customer base right there. It’s a great way to “sponsor” something or you might even offer it as a benefit to a paid membership.


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