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Friday, August 22, 2008

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We often field questions about search engines and how a small business with limited budget can drive traffic to their web site. Most people want to know, what can they do themselves, without hiring anyone, without spending much money. There are probably hundreds of details in that response, but here are the basics of what I say:

If you have even a few hundred dollars, you will get a much better ROI if you hire a true consultant in SEM and/or SEO. Get a comprehensive proposal with proven results from the consultant, and try to hire a company that really knows search. Personally I think it’s better to hire a company that specializes in search marketing specifically, instead of a company that does both that and web site development; but others would argue with me. Then hook the SE consultant up with your web site designer to have everyone playing for the same team.

If you want to do something helpful with your own in-house resources, write. Write a lot. Manage a regular blog, add industry related articles to your web site, submit “expert columns” to other publications, ask an assistant or intern to write articles and “tips of the day” for you. Participate in forums or help sites that relate to your expertise. Submit short tips and blurbs on networking web sites. Participate in newsgroups. Update your profile on other community web sites a lot, write some little blogs there (if you have a myspace page for your music business, perhaps).

If your employees have web sites, make sure they are selling you. Remember that anyone working for you has a potential reputation influence on your company. If your employee has a personal myspace or facebook page, check it for anything that might be unappealing to you or your customers and prospects, and possibly ask those employees to use the “private” setting to prevent open public viewing of all that information. If you have employees who participate in other web site communities, forums, and networking sites, try to encourage them to approach it in a professional manner with links back to your company web site and use those opportunities as sales pitches.


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