After I generated my Store, my site was created within my htdocs/scstore/ folder. I want my visitors to access my site via http://www.domain.com instead of http://www.domain.com/scstore/, can I change that?

*This is legacy information. We no longer support this software.

By default, SoftCart Page generator creates all of the store files and stores them within the htdocs/scstore/ folder. This is because if you already have an existing web site the generated files may over-write your existing files. This method also allows Merchants to have a non-SoftCart site up while still working on the new Store. There are two different methods to over come the issue about visitors not being able to access your store via: http://www.domain.com

I. (Recommended for all users)

You may simply copy the index.html file within your htdocs/scstore/ folder and store it within your htdocs/ folder. You may need to modify some of the image paths on your index.html page, so that your images can load properly.

II. (Recommended for all users)

Simply create a custom index.html page that contains a refresh tag (see below example), ftp this file to your htdocs/ folder. When your visitors access your site via http://www.domain.com your custom page can automatically re-direct the traffic to enter your Store immediately. The instructions are below:

Edit your index.html document and within the <head> and </head> tags, insert the following:

<meta HTTP-EQUIV=”Refresh” Content=”0; URL=(copy enter store url and place it here)”>


<meta HTTP-EQUIV=”Refresh” Content=”0; URL=http://www.mystore.com/cgi-local/SoftCart.exe/scstore/shophome.html?E+scstore”>

III.* (For Advanced users only)

Advanced developers may specify where SoftCart should generate the store files. Once you are ready to put your Store live, you may change these settings by editing the file found within your cgi-local/scstore.cfg locate the line: “StoreDir / scstore” and replace it with “StoreDir / ” (ie. To generate the page to the root web folder, htdocs/). Please be sure to modify the scstore.cfg file with care, the format should always be tab delimited and it should be downloaded or uploaded via ASCII mode (do NOT set your ftp program with auto-detect).